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brassware tap display

USA Display Roll-out Program. USA and Canada


We were asked to design bespoke displays that could be adaptable on site with the flexibility to fit various spaces within a large number of showrooms around the USA. We shipped the displays to a warehouse near Boston Massachusetts and from there a team worked on the displays from fitting product and re-sizing to suite each individual showroom, we then packaged up the displays into mini containers to distribute them accordingly around a large number of showrooms throughout the USA and Canada. We had an on site designer working with each customer who supplied images and dimensions of the areas where the displays were being installed in order to sign off the displays prior to them being shipped. Once this was in motion we then had different teams going around to each location installing the displays, this work involved a lot of strategic planning and a high level of project management.

shopfitting strip out
Complete Basement Refurbishment Chelsea - London

Image Design was asked to convert a basement of an existing showroom into a bathroom display area showcasing a large range of product, we were given the task to take the basement used for storage back to a shell and create a usable space thats practical whilst trying not to overcrowd the area. Our designer did a great job of doing this creating a natural flow in a small area whilst displaying products in separate sittings. The team went in and had to structurally support the ceiling above, re-wire throughout including lighting and re-board the whole area before painting and decorating. Whilst we were in full swing of things the existing floor was so far out of level that we made a new floating floor with supporting beams and we had to put a new floor down. This project was undertaken and completed within three weeks start to finish including fitting of all product, all work was carried out during the showrooms normal working hours.

bath plinth design
Re-branding Exercise Bradford - Manchester


Our clients approached us and asked us to get involved with the re-branding of their showrooms based on a new concept developed by their marketing team. Our designer worked closely with the marketing team and together we re-created a new identity based on the new corporate branding, we also developed some display modules along with illuminated bath plinths based on these being available for a nationwide roll-out scheme. We used a distribution centre based in Bradford and we transformed the showroom space by stripping back the existing area and re-vamped the display space into the new format, this was used as a tester prior to going national in their customer's showrooms, they are still ongoing with developments for creating the identity.

bathroom expo
Bespoke Display for Product Unveiling Chicago - Illinois USA 

We was asked to create a large but simple display that was easy to assemble, re-assemble and dismantle. Our customer needed us to display a range of bathroom products that they wanted to unveil for selected clients, we put together a design that was compact when in storage but large and impactful when showcased, the display was built here in the UK and shipped to New York then transported to Chicago where we had a two man fitting team on site at a hotel to take collection. We had one day two men to assemble the display and fit product then after two days of enjoying the sunshine we had one day two men to dismantle the display and re-package in order to get everything to a storage warehouse in Boston Massachusetts. This was completed successfully by strategic planning and project management throughout from leaving the UK to being exhibited and stored in the USA.

union display
Display Prototype for National Roll-out Darford - England
Our client approached us and asked if we could develop a display to showcase one of their new product ranges showing a different number of products that they wanted on display. This was a new high end product range for them so they wanted a cost effective display that looked sharp and sophisticated that showed off the product beautifully with a subtle but the right amount of illumination. We developed a display that they presented to a carefully selected audience mainly consuming of their customers and they revealed the product and display one evening whilst entertaining their guests. The displays and product went down very well as anticipated, from their we developed more displays in various sizes and price categories then started a national roll-out programme delivering and installing the displays in a cost effective manor.
faucet display
Showroom Display Re-modeling San Jose - California USA
Whilst doing the national roll-out program in the USA we done a bespoke display for a showroom in San Jose California, two years later we received a call asking if we could extend the existing display and move it to a different location, our customer wanted to know if we could do this but needs to be done in the most cost effective manor possible as they wanted more presence in the showroom but the showroom itself insisted that they could only have a larger display on the terms that we went back and done the work because they was extremely happy with the level of service and professionalism that they received from us first time around. Needless to say we went back to San Jose, we flew into San Francisco spent two days on site and before we knew it we were back in the UK, this was done cost effectively and through careful planning we shipped some of the extended parts of the display direct to site and custom built some other parts whilst on site because we had every detail and drawings of the original display in order to extend the display efficiently.
Showroom Shop in Shop Prototype North Shields - England
We were approached by a new client (after we came highly recommended) to create a new concept for a display space to show off their products consisting of Bathroom furniture, fixings and Tiles, we call this concept a shop in shop. We were given an area of 90sq meters to create displays dedicated to each product range which included large format tiles both floor and wall and also create a visual identity for the brand in order to take this concept forward into more showrooms across the UK. We were provided with some marketing materials and took snippets from various sections provided and put these together to create the overall appearance for the brand. We used the space wisely and the design came together in an effective manor for maximum results to showcase the product, emphasise on the brand and create an impactful area that rose above the rest of the showroom.